Thursday, May 04, 2006

The first night you enter the academy after all the selection procedure is over , you know it that its going to be your home for the next 11 months.And trust me its no where close to home.You tell the senior that your name is so and so...and you get a big tight slap on your face...WHy?bcause you foregot to use the word GC(gentleman cadet).

IF you still havent figured it out I am talking about the world's toughest academy :-OFFICER'S TRAINING ACADEMY,CHENNAI,INDIA. It is produces one of the finest officer's who have served the nation with glory, keeping in mind that the self's interest comes last.
Many young officers have passed out from this glorious academy and had a successful career in the INDIAN ARMY.
When I say its the toughest academy in the world, I mean it.How and why? well here are just a few examples as to how and why:-

- you eat your dinner and immediately do 40 push-ups and ypur legs are raised against the wall for an hour or so.
- with the full combat gear on carry your partner on your shoulders and go out for a run
-how about running 20 miles in a day with limited water supply
-your friend faints , carry him till the end.
-how about climbing a hill every weekend or maybe once a month.
-getting up at 4:00a.m. for morning drill at 5:00 a.m.........intersting!!!
-as such the weather in Chennai is hot and humid...running endlessly sounds pure fun.
-ADYAR NIGHT....I wont disclose it right in my first blog...but am sure you guys dnt wanna puke............
Even after all this 'tortutre'....I hope to make it through my selection process and finally join the academy...why?
well all these days which one spends in the academy makes him a real confident amd overall a smart person.For joining the army one has to be strong physically as well as mentally......and the academy makes you STRONG both ways.
I really like the army ....and my main aim is to motivate as many people I can to join it.

After joining the army ....i am sure it'll be the best thing which will happen to me.
well this thing is getting too in am getting to emotional.. I guess.

Dear readers , this is my first ever I am looking forward for your comments and starting a new blog culture.